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Beitel Tax Law represents entrepreneurs and private companies in conflicts with the Canada Revenue Agency. None of our lawyers practice any areas of law other than tax, and most have spent their entire careers practicing exclusively in tax.

Our philosophy is to think less like lawyers and more like entrepreneurs. We have among the lowest billable hour targets in the industry because we want our lawyers learning, training and sharpening their skills on our time rather than yours. We have an in-house coaching program for our associates, and a full-time practice innovation lawyer focused on adopting new technologies and improving our processes. We have arranged for real-time translation to our clients to ensure we can help a diverse clientele.

Even if we don’t think like (traditional) lawyers, we are still obsessed with the law. Our lawyers have been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada and publish Beitel Tax Disputes for the Owner Manager quarterly for Thomson Reuters. Our internal chat buzzes throughout the day with in depth discussions of legal ideas, strategies and tactics, meaning that even if our clients are represented by only one lawyer they benefit from the experience of all.

We think we’re building something innovative and different in tax law, and whether you’re a potential client, referral partner or future team member, we’d love to hear from you.

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Lawyers and Students

Jeremie Beitel
Managing Director

Andrea Dickinson

Laura Zubot

Josiah Davis
Senior Associate

Bruce Laregina
Senior Associate

Matthew Boyd
Senior Associate

Stanley Ndibe
Senior Associate

Alice Wokoma

Legal Support and Operations

Caroline Elias
Practice Innovation Lawyer

Chay Greenberg
Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Susan Min
Office Manager

Stefernus (Stef) Martinez
Legal Administrative Assistant