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BTL has built our reputation on client service and a deep understanding of Canada’s tax system. Our exclusive focus on tax law means we’ve likely solved your problem before.

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We work with your existing advisors to ensure the best results.

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We deliberately keep our billable hour targets and file loads low to ensure your lawyer will be available when needed.

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Client Testimonials

We’re proud to share some of the feedback we’ve received from clients and referral sources.

Kris BennattiKris Bennatti
14:20 26 Mar 24
Efficient and professional. They do great work.
Adam GGLawAdam GGLaw
15:11 22 Mar 24
There are tax lawyers and then there is Jeremie Beitel. He is in a class entirely on his own. As a corporate lawyer I have worked with Jeremie on a number of matters. Jeremie's expertise, brilliance and creativity is unmatched. On several occasions he has found solutions to problems other tax professionals were unable to solve, and which these same other tax professionals confirmed were correct. He is able to simplify the most complex problems and offers practical, effective, and thought out advice. I cannot speak highly enough of Jeremie Beitel.
Honest lawyers and straight to the point.
Nick GNick G
19:15 11 Mar 24
Beitel Tax Law is truly the best place to go!Bruce Laregina and his team work hard and keep you posted on their work and progress. The best part of working with them is that they explain everything is not in lawyer terms, but in a way their clients will understand.Please do yourself a favor, and if you need a tax lawyer, call Beitel Tax Law.
Sun ParkSun Park
21:35 29 Feb 24
I highly recommend Bruce Laregina to anyone in need of legal assistance with CRA. I am going to say without hesitation that he is a tax lawyer you can trust. Before my initial (free) zoom consultation with him, I had explained about my super upsetting situation with CRA briefly in email and sent bunch of documents to him. Honestly, I did not expect him to invest much of his time reviewing the documents. but. when I got on a conference call with him for the first time after the email, I was impressed by his thorough understanding of my case. I knew he is the one who will fight CRA for me. After that, I submitted more documents, and thanks to his attention to details, I didn’t have to explain over and over again, which I had experienced with other lawyers before. :(It is the best feeling that your case is handled by someone who cares. Bruce patiently explained each step, ensuring I was well-informed and his strategic approach to the case and timely communication reassured me throughout the lo-ng process with CRA. Most of all, his genuine concern for my well-being set him apart as an exceptional advocate. He not only secured a huge victory for me but also provided me with peace of mind. I wish Bruce continued success!!
Nicolas CsizmadiaNicolas Csizmadia
19:13 16 Feb 24
I can't speak highly enough about the expertise and professionalism of the tax professionals at Beitel Tax Law ( formerly Farber Tax Law ) / Bruce Laregina when it comes to dealing with the CRA . Their in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations, coupled with their proactive approach in handling CRA communications , has provided me with a sense of confidence and security . I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking reliable support in navigating the complexities of dealing with the CRA . Thanks again for your help Bruce Laregina.
Nabil JarrahNabil Jarrah
19:11 09 Dec 23
A very positive experience with Beitel Tax Law. Andrea and Alice are professional competent thorough and honest Lawyers who set up the road map for dealing with the CRA,which is never pleasant. I will have no hesitation in highly recommending the firm and these two lawyers in particular.Andrea was always generous with her time which I really appreciated
Joseph BeaudenJoseph Beauden
01:36 02 Aug 23
My wife and I are in a position to sell one of our residential properties and had many questions on the Capital Gains Taxation. We wanted to make sure we were well informed so we made the correct decision on which property we would sell.Jeremie Beitel was very personable and knowledgeable and made it easy to determine which property to sell.I would not hesitate to recommend Jeremie Beitel to anyone seeking knowledge and help navigating Canadian Tax Law
Gary DickensGary Dickens
15:27 19 Jul 23
I've had the pleasure of having Jeremie work on my behalf for the last several years. I have found him to always be very responsive, easy to understand and generating positive results. I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone needing a tax lawyer.
Mik MMik M
17:33 18 Jul 23
Bruce was able to provide me with valuable consultation. The staff were professional and kind.
Alexandra DaughertyAlexandra Daugherty
19:11 14 Jul 23
I can’t begin to express my gratitude to Bruce. During my consultation appointment with Bruce he was thorough, honest and generous with his time. It’s been very hard to come by knowledgeable (and genuine) lawyers for my situation. I would highly recommend.
Mathew FernandezMathew Fernandez
14:57 05 Jul 23
The Beitel team was fantastic to work with and helped us navigate some complex issues. Their knowledge and expertise are second to none. Definitely would recommend their team if you have a tax challenge.
14:47 05 Jul 23
Simple, effective and responsive tax and deal structuring advice. Very reasonably priced legal fees for the value delivered.

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Beitel Tax Law helps you
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  • Straightforward
    Our lawyers are trained to communicate clearly, without jargon or lawyer speak.
  • Knowledgeable
    All of us have dedicated our entire careers to tax.
  • Responsive
    We deliberately keep our billable targets and file loads low so that we are available to our clients when needed.

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