Tax Litigation

Voluntary Disclosures

What you need to know about Voluntary Disclosures

The CRA offers generous terms to taxpayers who voluntarily disclose past non-compliance such as undisclosed income or foreign assets. Coming forward not only reduces your risk, it provides immediate relief which allows you to focus on more important things than taxes.

While an accountant can prepare your tax returns, a tax lawyer can discuss the content of your potential disclosure while protecting your confidentiality through legal privilege. We can also advocate on your behalf for more favourable treatment (general program instead of limited program) and provide strategic guidance on filing positions and approach.

How we help with Voluntary Disclosures

We’ll schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation. This session allows us to understand the details of your tax situation and assess eligibility for the voluntary disclosure program.

Our team will strategically evaluate the aspects of your disclosure to determine the most advantageous approach to address your unique situation.

We will work with an accounting firm to conduct a comprehensive examination of all relevant financial and tax documentation. This step is critical to identifying potential discrepancies or omissions that may need to be addressed in the voluntary disclosure.

Our team will diligently prepare the voluntary disclosure package, including a detailed submission to the CRA.

We will always act as your representative in direct communication with tax authorities throughout the voluntary disclosure process. We will handle all interactions with the relevant agencies, providing the necessary information and working towards a resolution that aligns with your best interests.

As your file progresses, we will prioritize keeping you informed. Our team will provide ongoing support, clarify any questions you may have and ensure you are well-informed about the implications and outcomes of your file.

Wonderful experience

The Beitel team was fantastic to work with and helped us navigate some complex issues. Their knowledge and expertise are second to none. Definitely would recommend their team if you have a tax challenge.
Mathew Fernandez